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Certainty is the National Will Register and Will search service. Used by the legal profession, you the public, charities and financial institutions to register and search for missing Wills. You can also use Certainty to find a solicitor who specialises in writing Wills and handling Probate. Certainty's Chairman is Past Law Society President Kevin Martin.

Search for a Will - Online

Call the WILL SEARCH HELPLINE and speak to a dedicated Will search advisor on 0845 408 0404 (local rate call).

There is not a central point where all Wills are stored. That is why there is Certainty.co.uk, the recognised method of searching for missing Wills.

    Quickly and easily search for a lost or missing Will.
Search for Wills that have not been registered as well as those which have.
Commencing a Will search takes 90 seconds and is low cost.
Certainty Will search is used by the legal profession to find Wills.
Click here to start your search for a missing Will.

Comments from people who have used Will search.

•    "Certainty found my Grandfather's Will which was written 34 years ago". - D Thomas
•    "It was vitally important I found my mother's Will, Certainty found it". - S Bradley
•    "Certainty gave us the peace of mind that we had done everything possible to find the last Will". - K Adams
•    "Not only did Certainty find the current Will but also an older one". - A Certainty Solicitor
•    "Thank you Certainty, Will search performed, Will found in 48 hours". - B Taylor

Register a Will

Two thirds of Britons do not have a Will, when most of us should. If a Will can’t be found after your death then your assets will be distributed in accordance with the intestacy rules, not necessarily in the way you would have wished. The Certainty Will Register has up to 1 Will being registered every 8 seconds. Protect your family by registering your Will today.

•    If you have a Will you can register it here or ask your solicitor to register it on your behalf.

    If you do not have a Will click here to contact your local solicitor.


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