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About Certainty the National Will Register

Kevin Martin
Law Society President
England & Wales 2005/6

The main objectives of Certainty.co.uk is to ensure that a person’s Will is not overlooked, lost or untraced following his or her death, and secondly to ensure, as far as possible, a Will is administered in accordance with the testators wishes.

Indeed since 1988 solicitors specialising in Wills & Probate have been calling for a
National Will Register. The Certainty Will register, Certainty.co.uk is now fulfilling this need. Thousands of solicitors all over the UK use certainty.co.uk daily, millions of Wills are being registered, and the public use Certainty every day and night of the week to search for missing Wills and also register their own.

It is not only vitally important that you register your Will with Certainty, but regularly update your Will in line with legislation with a regulated professional such as the network of solicitors which can be found at Certainty.co.uk and specialise in writing Wills and dealing with Probate.

It is vitally important that a professionally advised Will states your wishes and protects your loved ones and can be found. With taxation and personal circumstances changing more frequently people are ensuring they update their Will regularly.

Therefore it is essential that loved ones know where the very latest and up to date Will you made is held. This means that whether your Will is needed now or in 30 years time Certainty record and track the location of your Will. A loved one (only when you have passed on) can search themselves or via a solicitor to
find your Will.

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