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Copy of Will

A Will only becomes a public document after Probate and in turn this can only happen if the Will can be found. Prior to Probate there isn't a central place which stores copies of Wills. Indeed certainty.co.uk does not hold copies of Wills nor do we supply them. It finds Wills and puts the 'searcher' in touch with the person who wrote the Will for the deceased. You can search for a Will with certainty.co.uk or ask your solicitor to search on your behalf. In most circumstances the solicitor who wrote the Will safely stores the original Will at their office. Solicitors write and hold the majority of Wills in the UK. A common scenario is where somebody knew that the deceased had written a Will but can't find it.

The Certainty National Will Register records the location of a registered Will and helps to trace 'unregistered Wills' through its centralised REACH search system that connects solicitors around the UK. certainty.co.uk is the legal professions accredited Will register and Will search service.
If a Will search proves positive then you will be required to provide evidence of the following:

  • A death certificate for the person whos Will you are searching for
  • Verify your identity
  • Believe you have a genuine interest in the Will ie. Family, known beneficiary or Executor

Most people do not write a Will and then tell everybody they've written one and whom they wrote it with. To compound this issue further, the Will, a piece of paper can invariable go missing over the passage of time. If you can't locate a Will then use the Will search service. 

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