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How to find a Will - searching for a Will

Searching for a Will with Certainty.co.uk is quick, efficient and low cost. Often following a bereavement, the loved ones can be left looking for a Will (Wills do get lost or mislaid over time). Certainty is endorsed by the legal profession who write and store most Wills written in the UK. Certainty not only checks the Certainty National Will Register which has nearly 2 million Wills allocated to it but also has a sophisticated Will search system which connects solicitors throughout the UK.

It is not always apparent if someone has made a Will or not (a large amount of us haven't written a Will) but it is always important to do everything you can to discover if a Will exists. A Will avoids intestacy and may contain final wishes, funeral arrangements and funeral plans etc.

Certainty makes it easy to do all the things you should do, to search for a Will.

How do I search?

•  Click the button 'Search for a Will' below

  Complete the form which takes around 2 minutes


NOTE We would advise that if you are experiencing the distress caused by a lost Will you take a further 60 seconds to register your own Will and protect your loved ones from the distress of a lost or missing Will.

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