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Certainty the National Will Register

A National Will Register was not a new idea. Lack of technology, funding, legislation and the absence of a truly innovative solution previously hampered the implementation of an effective and innovative Will registration and Will search service. In 2008 certainty.co.uk and the rest is history.

Developed over a two-year period, Certainty.co.uk has invested in excess of £2 million to provide the public and the professionals with a UK national Wills register. Extensive research has ensured that the Certainty National Will Register complies with legal requirements and is exclusively for the use of Solicitors, lawyers, STEP members, ILEX Fellows, the public, charities and financial institutions.

Certainty’s chairman Mr Kevin Martin Past Law Society President held the firm belief that Certainty would provide a robust Will registry solution through advanced technological investment and regular consultations with the most senior and experienced legal professionals. Certainty meets all UK and International legal requirements and exists to serve the need of the public and profession.

Certainty offers its members and the public a pioneering register with many unique and innovative benefits. Members can easily register a Will or search for a Will. Certainty has a unique offer whereby 12.8 million free of charge Will registrations are available to the general public to be used directly or in association with our members. Certainty’s powerful enquiry system allows the public to log an enquiry to write and register a Will with a Certainty member at anytime. Certainty exclusively promotes the services of Solicitors' firms and their Solicitors, STEP members and ILEX Fellows.

Certainty is successful for its members. This is best demonstrated when recently over just a 48 hour period a Certainty member received in excess of 100 requests to register clients Wills on the Will register and the enquiries continue to come in “thick and fast”. Importantly they also received increased requests for new Wills to be written, “We are delighted with the response”.

 Most importantly the public and professionals now have the Certainty National Will Register.

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