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Why Register - peace of mind with Certainty.co.uk


Certainty.co.uk is a national Wills register. Registering your Will with Certainty is uncomplicated and effective. It is a fact that not being able to locate a Will causes untold distress and the potential financial loss for a family, or beneficiaries. Certainty's registration process takes just 60 seconds to record the location of your Will. This ensures that if your Will is lost, misplaced or forgotten over the passage of time, the location of it can be identified.

Register now to know with Certainty that your Will can be instantly found.

To register your Will with Certainty costs only £30.

The registration fee is a one-off fee for the Will – there are no ongoing or further annual registration charges.

Why Register - Registering your Will ensures that your Will can be located instantly following your death.

Registering a Will is quick and easy - You will need to know the name of the solicitor's practice where you made your Will, the date you signed it and the name of the witnesses.

Do I send a copy of my Will - No, the register records the location of a solicitor's office as the holder of your Will (the register doesn't actually hold a copy of your Will).

I don't have a Will - Well you should have! A Will is the most important document you will ever produce, it protects and distributes your assets in accordance with your wishes. Simply click on 'Find A Solicitor' to find a Will writing solicitor who can write and register a Will for you.

What happens if my Will cannot be found after I have passed on?

  • Your beneficiaries may not receive inheritance in accordance with your instructions.
  • Your Will may be found after your estate has been distributed.
  • An old Will may be discovered and deemed as your final wishes.
  • Family disputes can occur.
  • Your children and dependants may not be looked after in the way you have chosen.
  • It may be assumed that you never wrote a Will.

Public Opinion - why you should register

The Survey Certainty recently commissioned a public survey and asked two vitally important questions relating to Wills.

  • Do you know where your parent's Will is? - The results showed that 67% of people did not know where to find their parents Will.
  • Do the public want to register? - 77% of the public said that they would welcome a professional voluntary National Will Register

Register today so your loved ones know tomorrow and don't lose out.

If you are considering making a Will, contact one of the Will writing solicitors in the Certainty directory.

Public Opinion - What do I do if I can't find a Will

What do I do if I can't find a Will? Until recently there was not a lot you could do! In reality you became one of thousands of beneficiaries every year that fall victim to the distress caused by a missing or presumed never written Will. Until Certainty launched, there was not a truly effective way to either search for a Will or prevent a Will from being untraceable.

Public opinion on the matter of a lost Will is rarely taken into account, accepting that intestacy is the natural evolution and only route in the case of a missing Will.

But the public can and do want to protect themselves to avoid going down this route. Will registration is a simple process which means a Will can be found and Intestacy avoided.

Until Certainty there was not an effective way to trace the location of a Will - that is why Certainty exists.

Certainty is here to help

Q. Are you looking for the Will of a deceased person?

A. Search for it with Certainty.

Q. Do you want your family to suffer the rules of Intestacy?

A. Obviously NO so register your Will today.

A Will register with certainty.co.uk allows the location of your Will to be disclosed to loved ones only after your death.

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